Conference Programme

(session to be conducted in English)

6 Sep 2017

Time Programme Speaker
8.00 Registration  
8.45 Opening Remarks Urairat Siriwatvejakul
9.00 Robotic Rehabilitation: From Analysis to Design to Assessment to Intervention Hermano Igo Krebs
10.00 Coffee Break  
10.30 Robotic Rehabilitation in Japan Eiichi Saitoh
11.30 Robot For Balance and Gait Training Eiichi Saitoh
12.00 Lunch Break  
13.00 Symposium: Upper Extremity Robot for Neurorehabilitation Hermano Igo Krebs
Viboon Sangveraphunsiri
Winai Chonnaparamutt
14.30 Coffee Break  
15.00 Symposium: Locomotion Robotic Training for Neurorehabilitation Hermano Igo Krebs
Eiichi Saitoh
Witsanu Kumthronthip
Parit Wongphaet
16.30 Q & A  

7 Sep 2017

Time Programme Speaker
8.00 Registration  
9.00 Swallowing Problems in Elderly Eiichi Saitoh
10.00 Coffee Break  
10.30 Sarcopenia in Elderly: Which Therapy Could Delay It? Vilai Kuptniratsaikul
11.00 Technology for Post-surgical Recovery Kok Yang Tan
11.30 Lunch Break  
13.00 BCI for Dementia and Neurorehabilitation Pasin Israsena
13.30 BCI Demonstration Pasin Israsena
14.00 Let's Innovate: Necessities, Possibilities and Experience Chalermpon Punnotok, CEO of CT-Asia Robotics Co. Ltd, Inventor of Dinsow Health Care Robots
14.30 Q & A  
15.00 Closing Remarks - Followed by Coffee Break