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The evolution of the medical and healthcare industry has made technology a part of the healthcare sector, with mobile health apps, wearable technologies, to 3D Printing, robo-doctors, and genomics playing an integral role for the next phase of the industry. With a start-up ecosystem in Southeast Asia estimated to be valued at US$13 billion, this represents the region’s openness to new ideas and innovative companies.

Following the successful launch of the Start-Up Park at MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2018, the Start-Up Park in Bangkok at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2019 will continue to be a dedicated showcase for innovative healthcare start-ups with cutting-edge healthcare technologies to meet the future needs of the industry. This debuting zone will also gather medical and healthcare start-up companies with innovations in IoT, from big data, wearable technologies to the latest software to pitch their technologies and innovations at the Start-Up Park Stage.

Official Start-Up Park Knowledge Partner – START-UP PODIUM®

START-UP PODIUM® will curate a special line-up including a series of fireside chats and panel discussions with high-level speakers at the Start-Up Park Stage, chaired and moderated by Muthu Singaram, the Chief Vibazoner from Virtual International Business Accelerator (VibaZone™). Muthu is a world-renowned innovation consultant and speaker, with over 20 years of experience in start-ups and commercialisation.



The brainchild of VibaZone™ with a vision to create value propositions for entrepreneurs and introduce the next-gen start-ups to major players and stakeholders in the forefront of commercialisation. It is a catalyst that brings together key stakeholders of the start-up ecosystem; from associations, investors, entrepreneurs to incubators and accelerators, enabling innovations and ideas to be shared, discussed and materialised at international networking events.

The Start-Up Park at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2019 is the ideal platform for fledgling companies to present their ideas and connect with global stakeholders in the start-up scene where they can learn and discover the ins-and-outs of commercialisation and take their Start-Up to the next level.

Establish key business networks

Establish Key Business Networks

Pitch your products

Pitch Your Products

Seal business deals

Seal Business Deals

Exhibit at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2019 and get €500 off for your booth space at Start-Up Park @ MEDICA!*

*Must be an exhibitor at Start-Up Park @ MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND to qualify.