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Don't miss the opportunity to explore Turkey's remarkable contributions to the medicine and healthcare industry at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023. Discover advanced technologies, high-quality products, and collaboration prospects that pave the way for a sustainable and innovative future in healthcare. Here we talk to Caner Gülsoy, Deputy General Manager, His Furacilik Hizmetleri Ltd Sti – organiser of the Turkey Pavilion.

Turkey Pavilion

Tell us more about your participation in MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023? What objectives do your participating member companies hope to achieve?

The reasons behind Turkey's participation in MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023 encompass various objectives. By participating in an international fair, Turkish companies have the opportunity to showcase their medical products and services to a global audience, explore new markets, establish business connections, and expand their customer base beyond national borders. Additionally, international medical fairs provide a platform for Turkish companies to network and form partnerships with companies from other countries. They aim to develop mutually beneficial relationships by connecting with potential distributors, suppliers, and collaborators. Participating in medical fairs allows Turkish companies to introduce their latest medical technologies, equipment, devices, pharmaceuticals, or services, providing a chance to showcase their innovations and attract the attention of potential customers, healthcare professionals, and industry experts. Moreover, attending such fairs enables Turkish companies to stay updated with the latest advancements in the global medical industry. Finally, being present at international medical fairs enhances the visibility and reputation of Turkish medical companies, establishing them as reliable, innovative, and competitive players in the global market."

Could you share some insights into Turkey’s medicine and healthcare industry's capabilities and strengths and what trade visitors expect from the companies exhibiting under the Turkey Pavilion?

Turkey's capabilities and strengths in the medical and healthcare industry will be showcased at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023. Trade visitors can expect advanced medical technologies, pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and equipment, healthcare services, and more from the companies exhibiting under the Turkey Pavilion. Notably, Turkish companies offer strong manufacturing capabilities, along with a commitment to quality and compliance, providing various collaboration opportunities. Overall, the Turkey Pavilion at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023 will present a diverse and innovative exhibition, serving as an important platform for collaboration opportunities and business growth.

Advanced Medical Technologies: Turkish companies are known for their expertise in the development and production of advanced medical technologies. Visitors can expect to see a range of innovative medical devices, equipment, and diagnostic tools catering to various healthcare needs.

Pharmaceutical Products: Turkey has a robust pharmaceutical industry that produces a variety of high-quality drugs, including generics and specialty medications. Trade visitors can explore pharmaceutical products for various therapeutic areas, health supplements, and more.

Medical Supplies and Equipment: Turkish companies have a strong presence in the manufacturing of medical supplies and equipment. Visitors can find high-quality products such as surgical instruments, hospital furniture, disposable medical supplies, rehabilitation equipment, and more.

Healthcare Services: Turkey's healthcare industry encompasses a wide range of services, including hospital management, telemedicine, medical tourism, and healthcare consulting. Visitors can expect to interact with companies offering comprehensive healthcare services and solutions.

Strong Manufacturing Capabilities: Turkey has a solid manufacturing infrastructure in the healthcare sector. Companies exhibiting under the Turkey Pavilion will emphasize their ability to provide high-quality products cost-effectively and efficiently.

Commitment to Quality and Compliance: Companies in the Turkish healthcare industry adhere to international quality standards and regulations. Visitors can expect to see the commitment of these companies to quality, safety, and compliance with international certifications and regulatory requirements.

Collaboration Opportunities: Trade visitors can explore potential collaboration opportunities with Turkish companies. Many Turkish businesses are open to partnerships, joint ventures, and technology transfer, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and business development.

In summary, the Turkey Pavilion at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023 will showcase a diverse and innovative exhibition from Turkey's medicine and healthcare industry. Visitors can expect a range of advanced technologies, high-quality products, and opportunities for collaboration and business growth.

Why is it important to connect Turkish healthcare companies with potential partners or buyers in the Southeast Asian market? How does this participation contribute to expanding Turkey’s presence in the regional healthcare industry?

MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND plays a significant role in connecting Turkish healthcare companies with potential partners or buyers in the Southeast Asian market. By participating in this event, Turkish companies have the opportunity to showcase their products, technologies, and services to a targeted audience in the region. The fair attracts a wide range of visitors, including healthcare professionals, distributors, suppliers, and industry experts from Southeast Asia and beyond. Participating in MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND allows Turkish healthcare companies to establish direct contact with potential partners and buyers in the Southeast Asian market. It provides a platform for networking, building relationships, and exploring collaboration opportunities. Moreover, this participation contributes to expanding Turkey's presence in the regional healthcare industry. It helps raise awareness about Turkish medical products, technologies, and expertise in Southeast Asia. By showcasing their capabilities and strengths, Turkish companies can enhance their reputation and visibility in the market. This increased visibility can lead to greater market penetration, increased export opportunities, and a stronger presence in the regional healthcare industry. Overall, MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND serves as a bridge between Turkish healthcare companies and potential partners or buyers in the Southeast Asian market, fostering collaboration and expanding Turkey's presence and influence in the regional healthcare industry.

Could you share some key factors that have contributed to Turkey's growing significance in middle-to-high level medical device production in recent years?

Some key factors that have contributed to Turkey's growing significance in middle-to-high-level medical device production are as follows: a strong manufacturing infrastructure, a skilled workforce, technological capabilities, a strategic geographic location, and supportive government policies. Turkey has invested in the necessary facilities and capabilities for producing medical devices that meet high-quality standards. Collaborations between Turkish companies and international firms support technology transfer and access to global markets. Additionally, a robust network of local suppliers enables efficient sourcing of raw materials and enhances the competitiveness of Turkish medical device manufacturing. The Turkish government provides support to the sector through policies such as tax incentives and research and development funding, promoting innovation and investment. Turkey's strategic geographic location, providing access to European, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets, offers advantages for production and export. When these factors come together, Turkey emerges as a competitive player in the medical device industry, experiencing growth and gaining importance.

Looking ahead, what are some of your plans or strategies as an organiser, to further enhance Turkish companies’ presence and collaborations in the international healthcare market, particularly in Southeast Asia?

We provide the following services to support Turkish companies in expanding and establishing collaborations in Southeast Asia:

We provide an effective platform: Through major healthcare exhibitions in Southeast Asia, we offer Turkish companies the opportunity to showcase their products, network with potential partners, and gain insights into the regional market.

We conduct regional market research: By conducting comprehensive market research on the healthcare sector in Southeast Asia, we provide Turkish companies with a guide that highlights the opportunities and demands in the region.

We facilitate partnership and collaboration opportunities: By assisting Turkish companies in connecting with potential partners in Southeast Asia through exhibitions, we foster the development of collaborations and partnerships.

We offer logistical and organizational support: Throughout the exhibition process, we provide Turkish companies with support in logistics, booth arrangements, promotional materials, and event programs, ensuring a seamless and productive experience for their participation.

We offer supportive services: Upon request, we offer Turkish companies services such as translation, business consultancy, and logistical support during the exhibition.