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Exhibitor Conversations

Setting new standards in innovative and reliable protection

Imaging Solutions

A specialist supplier of superior medical imaging and general healthcare products from the world’s leading brands, Australia-based Imaging Solutions is a specialist manufacturer and marketer of personal radiation protection products. Ellen Goddard, Export Communications and Marketing Coorodinatpr, recently sat down with MED e-news to share insights into recent achievements, business reach in the Southeast Asian market and their upcoming participation at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND.

As an emerging prospective global market leader in the production of superior safe and reliable personal radiation protection and MRI products manufacturing, could you tell us more about Imaging Solutions:

Imaging Solutions is a specialist supplier of superior medical imaging and general healthcare products from the world’s leading brands. Furthermore, Imaging Solutions is a specialist manufacturer and marketer of personal radiation protection products. Our personal radiation protection range consists of protective aprons, eyewear, shields, and other apparel.

Manufactured to exceptionally high standards, non-lead radiation protection vests, skirts and aprons are available in a selection of ergonomic and designs and designed to optimise flexibility and comfort for the wearer. The personal radiation protection range delivers performance and protection without compromise.

Imaging Solutions operates internationally and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Imaging Solutions Pty Ltd. boasts a proud history. Established in 1992, the company expanded its core distribution business through the acquisition of a number of bolt-on enterprises. Combined, the organisation has over 45 years of history in supporting the Australian and New Zealand medical imaging industry and has expanded to the EMEA international market.

For the second consecutive year, Imaging Solutions has won Queensland’s best exporter award. What is the significance of this award, and what it means for Imaging Solutions?

The significance of Imaging Solutions being named the recipient of the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards International Health Award for the second consecutive year solidifies the ongoing success of the company in the global health market and our opportunity to continue to grow our sales and market penetration in the international marketplace.

The Imaging Solutions and RADsafe brand profile on the world stage is emerging as a prospective global market leader in the production of superior safe and reliable personal radiation protection and MRI products manufacturing. The recognition from the state government of Queensland verifies our continuous achievement and elevation of our corporate profile within the industry.

Imaging Solutions launched the RADsafe Technical Product Selection Catalogue in October 2022 – could you share more about this resource and how it can help the industry?

The RADsafe Technical Product Selection Catalogue is a comprehensive guide that showcases the extensive range of RADsafe Personal Radiation Protection products manufactured at our workshop in Brisbane, Australia. The catalogue has been specifically designed to be a go-to resource for medical personnel to cater to all their personal radiation protection needs.

This new resource makes it simple to meet imaging needs of healthcare facilities and to find the right products for a straightforward ordering process. Every moment in healthcare is critical, and that’s why this guide has been designed with easy-to-follow accessible tabs to get what you need, and fast. The Technical Selection Catalogue includes complete information on RADsafe Protective Aprons, Protective Eyewear, Protective Shielding and Accessories complete with thorough education and training and Compliance information for the ultimate guide to Personal Radiation Protection.

You recently exhibited at MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 in Singapore – could you share your experience.

MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022 held in Singapore was a successful campaign for Imaging Solutions with several opportunities and respective leads to support our ongoing growth into the international market. Our main objectives for participating were to expand our network and foster business development internationally, particularly in the ASEAN region and nearby countries that are considered strategic markets for Imaging Solutions. Through our participation in MEDICAL FAIR ASIA 2022, we were able to establish a foothold in new markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan. Additionally, we strengthened our presence in other countries like the Philippines and Singapore by connecting with potential partners that align with our business expectations.

Why is the Southeast Asian (SEA) market an increasingly relevant market for you and what are some of your plans to further your footprint into the region?

Yes, the Southeast Asian (SEA) market is an increasingly relevant market for Imaging Solutions. The region is experiencing rapid economic growth and development, which is creating new opportunities for businesses across different sectors. This growth has led to an increase in demand for healthcare services, which presents a great opportunity for us.

In terms of specific products, we believe that our range of personal radiation protection solutions are well-suited to the needs of the SEA market. These products are designed to provide high-quality radiation protection according to the latest international standards.

To further our footprint in the SEA market, we are looking to establish strategic partnerships with key players in the region, such as hospitals and leading radiology equipment providers, to assist with the expansion of our reach. We plan to increase our marketing and advertising efforts in the region to raise awareness of our products and services by highlighting to medical personnel the hazards of radiation and the need for appropriate radiation protection.

Finally, we are committed to providing top-notch customer support to our clients in the SEA market to ensure they are satisfied with our products and continue to choose us as their preferred radiation protection provider.

Could you tell us more about your participation at MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023.

We chose to participate this year because MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND is one of the largest and most important healthcare events in the region. The exhibition attracts a wide range of healthcare professionals, manufacturers, and distributors, providing us with an opportunity to showcase our products and services to a diverse audience. Our top objectives for exhibiting are to increase brand awareness, showcase our latest products, connect with potential customers and partners in the region and conduct meetings with established partnerships.

We are looking to establish partnerships with distributors and resellers in the region who can help us expand and grow our business. We also hope to meet with healthcare professionals who can provide valuable insights into the specific needs and requirements of the local market, to tailor our products and services accordingly.

Overall, participating in the MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND provides us with an excellent opportunity to engage with key players in the healthcare industry in the region, and we are looking forward to showcasing our latest products and technologies and forging new relationships with partners and customers.

What can trade visitors expect to see from Imaging Solutions at the upcoming edition of MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND 2023?

At the core of our product and business scope is the RadSafe Radiation protection line including radiation protection aprons, eyewear, shields, and accessories. We are excited to showcase our latest core material technology that adheres to international standards, along with the other products in our range such as radiation patient protection at upcoming events.

In addition to RadSafe, our single source supplier business model allows us to bundle our products with leading healthcare providers. This model ensures that our clients receive the latest technologies in radiology accessories from a single source, providing great value to our offerings.