10 Sep – 12 Sep 2025  | 
Community Care

Community Care Pavilion

With the ageing population in Southeast Asia expected to make up 15 per cent of its total population by 2035, the medical and healthcare solutions / innovations in this pavilion will not only address the shifting needs of the market, but also provide patients and end users with targeted and useful products and solutions to enhance and enable a sustainable quality of life.
The pavilion will also spotlight on Mental Health Care solutions for the first time.

Healthcare and Medical Solutions to look forward to:

  • Rehabilitation Equipment and Solutions
  • Telehealth platforms for remote consultation
  • Digital Health & mHealth
  • Remote Monitoring Tools
  • Assistive Technology
  • Nursing Aids
  • Stairs Lifts

SPECIAL FOCUS: Mental Health

There is no health, without mental health" - World Health Organization (WHO)

The top 5 mental health issues in Asia have been identified as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicidal behaviour, and substance abuse disorder. On the heels of the pandemic, mental health conditions have intensified as a result of large-scale unemployment, depleting financial security nets, and overall reduction of quality of life as a result of travel and border restrictions.

A new addition to the Community Care Pavilion, the focus on mental health will see a variety of solutions such as digital patient engagement platforms, therapeutic medical equipment, tele-psychiatry, virtual mental healthcare, AI chatbots providing counseling, cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety and depression symptoms, and more.

Community Care Pavillion
Community Care Pavillion
Community Care Pavillion